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I love this foot bridge in Cazale.

It reminds me of many of the people here.

Some may look worn and/or fragile, but they have a hidden strength and they have immeasurable value.

Each is uniquely created by God to fit together in this place at this moment to serve a greater purpose we may or may not know.

November 7, 2017

It’s been awhile.

It’s been a long time since I really used this platform to share about my thoughts, travels, experiences etc in Haiti. Years. Literally.

I tend to write in the moment, so planning a blog post took a back seat to posting to Facebook. The convenience of using FB when I had service in Cazale or sitting in airports during the trip home was great, but the ability to easily go back to old posts and photos was not. So, in order to have easy access to those words and photos, and pull everything together in one spot, I will be reposting them here. As the posts pop up in ‘Memories’ on FB, I will save them here. Moving posts over in this way will not allow make it possible to post them in chronological order. However, the. original date of the post will be noted at the bottom. Hopefully, at some point in the future, I will be able to get them back in order.

We haven’t been able to travel to Haiti for almost 2 yrs now. (There was one 24hr trip in Dec. 2019…..a drop and go supply trip, more about that at another time.) At first, our trips were cancelled due to social and political unrest. The protests, strikes and fluid situation in Haiti made it unsafe and unwise to visit. Next came COVID-19, the pandemic changed everyone’s lives and plans. Currently, we don’t have any idea when we can return to Haiti. But we continue to support the people of Haiti through trusted missions, our prayers and doing work here at home. We continue to follow where God leads us………so we wait.

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Beauty and Attitude.

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Beauty and attitude.

I took this photo as we were loading into the back of the truck to leave Real Hope. I just now looked at it. It took my breath away.

A world away from our everyday.

Sometimes……most times…….. adequate words fail me.

God set me on this path. I never saw it coming.

I live with a heart divided between two completely different worlds. Vastly different. Utterly conflicting.

Beauty and attitude.

Am I fulfilling the purpose God has for me on this journey? I wonder.

These girls. What will their lives be?

What. Will. Their. Lives. Be.

And as I sit here, in an airport, this photo broke me. Literally, broke me. Stopped me in my tracks, tears flowing in the middle of 200+ people. Because I stopped long enough to consider……what will their lives be?

God pour out your grace and mercy and goodness and blessings on them. All the days of their lives.

Beauty and attitude.

Nov. 17, 2018

I wonder……..

Ok, while I actually have wi-fi, I thought I’d do a test run. We have gotten work that Internet access has improved in Cazale. So, if true, I should be able to start posting to this blog again while in Haiti.

Stay tuned!

Follow the link to see the exciting update!

Fundraiser for Haiti Missions update!

Flash Fundraiser!


Just $15

​I seriously have no words to explain what getting the container to Haiti means. The supplies it carries aren’t miscellaneous items that can be done without. They are critical to the health and well being of countless Haitians served by RHFH. Yes, $15 dollars will make a difference in the lives of others. Skip 2 drinks at Starbucks. Skip eating out one meal. It’s that easy friends. 

Click the link below to learn more!

Sponsor a box, Fill the container for Haiti.


A couple of years ago, RHFH started a foster program in the Cazale community to provide homes for children that had no home to return to after receiving care in the clinic/ICU. It is a wonderful, life saving and life changing program. I am attaching 2 recent posts from RHFH which talk about this program. Please take the time to read these posts and help with sponsorship if you are able.


RHFH Foster Care Sponsors Needed  The foster care program of RHFH is life changing. It provides a safe home, loving family, regular medical screening and consistent care for children that could otherwise be lost. It also moves these precious kids out of long-term group care and into family! My sister, Tena, and I split a sponsorship, making it more affordable. I can’t say enough about what a wonderful program this is. Feel free to contact me if you would like more first hand info.


Help RHFH Foster Kids Attend School   Education changes the world, it opens doors to limitless opportunities. $250 will pay all school costs for one foster child for a year. What an investment!






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