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but I’ve got a terrific idea!

If you are already dreading shopping for a great gift for:

A) the person that has everything,
B) the person that does NEED anything, or
C) the person that it’s just impossible to buy for

Give them an alternative gift. A gift that gives back! For $125 you can sponsor the care of a malnourished child in Haiti in someone’s honor. In return for the sponsorship, you will receive a certificate to present to the individual you are honoring. I may be able to send along a photo of some of the kids being helped as well.

If this interest you, please contact me: hollybug99@yahoo.com


news from Cazale


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You can save a life……

Please follow this link to learn about the crisis facing this wonderful ministry


news from Cazale

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Memphis Conference UMVIM team to Haiti: April 9-17, 2012 Team is being formed now UMVIM teams work on Priority Projects identified by the Eglise Methodiste d’Haiti (EMH) and United Methodist U.S. Coordinating Team. My sister, Tena, and I will be co-leading this team. The approximate cost for the trip is $2000. Teams fly in and out of Port-au-Prince and spend their first and last nights at the Methodist Guest House in Petionville. Teams who travel to projects outside Port-au-Prince are transported to the work sites and stay at the remote location until the day before they depart. Maximum of ten persons. Contact me if you would like more information @ hollybug99@yahoo.com

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This is the first in a series of posts introducing you to some of the amazing kids we got to hang out with in Cazale, Haiti, at RHFH.


Gerlina came to clinic when she was 6 months old.  She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces at that time.  Her mom died when she was 4 months old of a fever.  Her dad wanted to try and take care of her at his house so we gave him infant formula and supplies to care for her. He really loves her.  We told him to return each month for more supplies and a check-up in the clinic.  We had not seen him for about 5 months, but this past week he came back.  He has been trying to pay off his bills from the cost of burial for his wife and did not have any money to travel down to see us.  It was a really hard decision for her father to leave her here because he has lost two other children and Gerlina is all he has left.  The little peanut can stand up when holding onto something. She is now 12 months,  and still weighs 8lbs 6oz which mean she still has a long way to go to get caught up.  (currently on the medika mamba program).

Can you imagine not being able to take you sick baby to the doctor because you were having to use all your money to pay the burial costs of the mother or father?

Gerlina, when she admitted in September, 2011.

Gerlina, September 2011

Her ‘boyfriend’ is Darlens……they are CRAZY about each other. Here are some photos of baby love!

This is what happened when they were reunited after Gerlina came and hung out with me on the porch for a little bit. I definantly think she prefers Darlens over me!!!!

Gerlina is still a tiny little thing but interacts with folks, and will walk holding someone’s hands.

“He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” Matthew 25:45

*Some photos and info was borrowed from the RHFH website realhopeforhaiti.org *

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What would you do if just over the fence of you back yard you saw a neighbor in need?

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can be joyful, rewarding, life changing. It can be (and usually is) heart breaking, foundation shattering, faith challenging, dirty, smelly, humbling and hard. Really hard. Have you ever thought about those folks that work to be ‘the hands and feet’? Many of them are just like you.  A regular person, with a family, a job, a home. Many have no special skill, they are regular people. Not pastors, or seminary students, not angels on earth, not super heroes, not nurses, not doctors, not scientists……….just ordinary people, deciding to follow God’s lead, and doing extraordinary things.

Lori and Licia, of Real Hope for Haiti happen to be nurses. But many people supporting, volunteering and working with this ministry and many others are just regular people.  The following is a wonderful post on RHFH blog. PLEASE read it. It’s important. It’s eye-opening and possibly heart-changing.  You will learn about the devotion of Nerenel’s father, and more.

Every day life for most of Haiti’s people is hard, harder than most of us can even imagine. Yet, they keep trying, doing, working, hoping……..


I didn’t interact with Nerenel while at RHFH. He seemed, too ill, lethargic or sleeping most of the time. Now, I wish I would have just held him.

Nerenel is the little man in the red shirt.

This was taken shortly before we left Cazale, headed back to the states.



















This little guy was loved, and cared for until his last moment here on earth. Now, there is no more pain, malnutririon, sickness, struggle for life……..just the blessed peace of being with God, in His house.

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