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Simple Celebration

Easter Is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. Some celebrations are loud, colorful and complex. Others are subdued, quiet and maybe even simple. Is one better than the other? More reverent? Or sincere? Or holy?

As long as its heartfelt, then I don’t think so. I’ve been blessed to be a part of, and enjoy lots of different kinds of Easter celebrations and worship services. God was at all of them. Right up in the middle. And it was glorious.


Today’s celebration took place in the church of Mission of Hope, here in Grand Goave. Let me set the scene, dirt and gravel floor, wooden benches (no padding or backs), tin roof, only few windows, NO electric fans, wonderful band, beautiful voices, LOTS of people dressed in their best, and the message delivered in Creole. And guess what, God was there. No spectacular fanfare, but the message holds true. Jesus died for us….. ALL of us.

Walking to church

Dresses up and ready to go!


It’s been a great day! After church we took the kids to the beach and had the kids first Easter egg hunt. At this Hands & Feet orphanage, there are 31 children. 7 girls and 24 boys. The ages rang from 6-16. We are slowly learning names. I do know one thing, there are about 5 variations Steven represented!

Beach and Easter egg hunt photos tomorrow.

In His Grace (even in Haiti),


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Let’s see if technology is going to be my friend or foe this trip!!!! So far, so good. As some of you are aware, it was an epic fail last time. This will be a learn as you go experience, since I’m using WordPress for the first time on a new phone. Just hang with me, good bad or ugly, and I’ll get some posts on the blog!

We are safe and sound at the Hands and feet project, Grand Goave, Haiti. I’ll give you more details later, after I make sure this is going to work!

This is my 5th trip to Haiti since the earthquake of January 2010. That event, disaster, tragedy or calamity, what ever you want to call it, changed this country in so many ways. But despite the destruction and loss of life, Haitians persevere. Each time I come, I see progress.

That by the way is one of the most asked questions. Is it any better? I always start my answer with, ‘By American standards……’. We are so use to quick answers, immediate response and visible progress, that if we aren’t careful, we miss the progress. But pay attention, look closely, and you’ll see, little by little, Haiti is moving forward.

It’s the same when we ask God to help us. We want a quick fix, immediate results. We don’t want to have to wait. We want what we want, when we want it. But, as in Haiti, that’s not how it works with God. God uses time to open our eyes, soften or edges, and teach us a few things. So be patient, have faith, learn from the Haitian people, and the answers and blessings will come!




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