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Here’s a link to our team Facebook page. I will give the blog one more they tonight. But who knows how it will go.

So, if I’m unsuccessful at logging…..at least you can see the photos. Its an open group…..which means anyone can join and get updates in your news feed.

Petit Goave/Tapion UMVIM team April 2013


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Posting to the blog is not going well at all!!! After working for about 1 1/2 he’s on a post…….it disappeared.

We are very busy this trip w/o much down time. So unless I can get this worked out tomorrow, I’ll only be posting photos to Facebook. To see more pictures please join the Facebook group UMVIM @ Petit Goave.

news from Cazale

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1) Though shalt go as a loving servant,a representative of Jesus Christ who said, “I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink, needed clothes and youclothed me, sick and in prison and you visited me”.

2) Thou shalt plan thoroughly, in advance and during, and work like crazy! The meek shall not inherit the work.

Greg giving our first morning devotional in the van Wednesday morning, in the van, as we leave PAP on our way to Petit Goave.

3) Thou shalt pray a lot, especially quickies like “Help us Lord”, “What now”, or “Calm me down God”—and leave the results to God expecting miracles. Alternate between “being still and knowing” and “getting up and going”.

4) Thou shalt SING & LAUGH ALOT. Thou needest not guitar nor organ.

5) Thou shalt follow the leader and the plan, remaining flexible.

6) Thou shalt support others, even in their imperfections and be willing to sing Alto if there are enough sopranos.

7) Thou shalt not be picky, preachy or pushy.

8) Thou shalt clean up after thyself, leaving a place better than you found it, unless it would embarrass those you are serving.

9) Thou shalt be modest especially regardind local conditions.

10) Thou shalt give credit to God, willing to say, “Don’t thank us— Thank God”.

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I’m back!

We flew into Port au Prince yesterday at 5:20 and its been non-stoo ever since! Tena and I joined an UMVIM team from Bridge City TX for this trip. This is the second time I’ve been blessed to join these fine people in missions in Haiti.

We are staying in Petit Goave and working in Tapion. Its beautiful and so are the people!

I really didn’t have time for picture today…    but tomorrow I’ll do better! Here’s a few.





Thank you for your prayers and support!

news from Cazale

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