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A couple of years ago, RHFH started a foster program in the Cazale community to provide homes for children that had no home to return to after receiving care in the clinic/ICU. It is a wonderful, life saving and life changing program. I am attaching 2 recent posts from RHFH which talk about this program. Please take the time to read these posts and help with sponsorship if you are able.


RHFH Foster Care Sponsors Needed  The foster care program of RHFH is life changing. It provides a safe home, loving family, regular medical screening and consistent care for children that could otherwise be lost. It also moves these precious kids out of long-term group care and into family! My sister, Tena, and I split a sponsorship, making it more affordable. I can’t say enough about what a wonderful program this is. Feel free to contact me if you would like more first hand info.


Help RHFH Foster Kids Attend School   Education changes the world, it opens doors to limitless opportunities. $250 will pay all school costs for one foster child for a year. What an investment!





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