New Plan

It’s abundantly clear that my attempts to post from Haiti have been an epic fail in the past two years. Because of this struggle to keep followers engaged and informed, I have defaulted to using Facebook…….and that doesn’t even work well most of the time.

I like real time, in the moment, sharing…………but it just is not (usually) possible. It’s my way of letting those that encourage and support me be a partĀ of the journey and sometimes the adventure. Because of this ongoing struggle, I’m tweaking the blog. This will remain a space primarily devoted to my volunteering in Haiti and my experiences in country. However, I will also be sharing articles, links, poems, etc. written by others. I also hope to list books and resources that relate. These may relate to Haiti, Mountain TOP (another mission that I another passionate about), poverty both here in America and/or abroad, etc.

Sometimes, there is a specific need at Real Hope for Haiti, or other ministries I follow or support. I’ll be sharing those here as well.

My plan is to have everything linked together so whether you are a FB friend or blog follower or both, you can find the posts/material easily.

God has given me this passion and compassion and I am so thankful for it. Some would say, He also gave me the gift of words…….sometimes, lots of words………..and if you have ever met me, they come with a southern accent. You can’t get the accent here, but the rest will definitely shine. My prayer is that God’s light shines through me in all my endeavors.


We’ll see.

It’s  been a long time since I’ve successfully blogged. I’ve upgraded equipment. Downloaded the app. The true test will come when we get to Cazale. Wish me luck!

If you don’t see anymore posts………….then feel free to look me up on Facebook,  it’s my default avenue to keep everyone connected to our trip.


Simple prayers



Heal their bodies & protect their spirits

Let them feel Your love that will never end

Remove the obstacles to Your will & purpose being fulfilled

And give us the peace and strength to accept it

Thank you for the laughter of healing children that reminds me of Your faithfulness to each one of Your children, always.


Let’s play!!!

The ICU at Real Hope For Haiti is a special place. The kids that are admitted are desperately ill or severely malnoirished. Honestly its a no-frills safe place for healing. It’s heart breaking to see little ones struggling.

It’s blessing and miracle to see them healing…….and when their body and spirit are both strong enough………..they play.

Yesterday morning in the ICU…….






(I have an awesome video but WordPress won’t let me upload it unless I upgrade…..so, maybe I can get it on Facebook)

Some say, its is hard to see where God is with so much hurt and heartache. I know exactly where He is……..just watch children play and laugh……..and then you will see Him too.

So many.

There are so many stories in life..We all have a story, every one of us. Our story makes us into the person we are.

Have you listened to the stories of others? Have you told your story?

When I am here in Haiti………..there are many stories. Some are awful. Some are miraculous. Some are both.

……and some are just hard. Too hard. They are too hard re-tell once I’ve heard them. I try anyway. They are too hard to forget.

Haiti is filled with hope and life……….Haiti is also filled with struggle and darkness.

There are so many stories.    

Today I rocked a little boy. He is here because of severe malnutrition.  Swollen. Lethargic. Hurting. Scarred. ‘Do you want to eat?’, we asked. ‘No’. ‘Do you want someone to hold you?’ ‘Wi’ (yes). So Wilson and I sat in the rocking chair. And I held him, and loved him and thought about his story. Its a hard one.   But a new chapter has started here. 
Berto went home today! We met him on our last trip here in September. He had just been admitted w/ severe skull fracture.  He is around 10-12 yrs old. Full of mischief but he has an easy smile and is all boy.  It’a a great story of healing.          

A baby died tonight. He was in the ICU today. A sweet baby boy I didn’t get the chance to hold or know.  He has a story and this is the only part if it that I know. Its a hard story and much too short.

Tonight we watched as friends organized and orchestrated a grand birthday party for a 17 yr. old. Handmade  decorations. Party lights. Food. DJ. Its a good story about celebration and friends. I’m sure it will be easy to tell.      

So many stories.

written 2/5/2014

Here I Am Again

Hello friends. I Am not sure how many posts I will be able to make in this trip to Real Hope For Haiti in Cazale. I’m not a writer by nature……so anything close to profound or deep definitely comes from God. So far, I just have the overwhelming feeling to just be present. Live this moment.

Please friend me on Facebook or follow the blog and you’ll be notified of posts.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers!






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Hi friends. I haven’t forgotten that I promised more pictures from my last trip……life has gotten in the way. That happens a lot upon returning home.

Please read the following post from Real Hope For Haiti. It’s been a tough day for them and tomorrow will be hard as well. Because of lack of funds they are having to decrease the number of kids in their care, sending some home prematurely.

Please pray for them, those they serve and employ. If you are on Facebook, please like their page and share their story with others. If you can donate to the ministry I promise it saves lives. If you would like to help, go to: http://realhopeforhaiti.org



Last Day. Long Day.

Today was our last day in Cazale and we made the most of it.

ICU breakfast and baths for babies.

Meds counting, re-packaging, dosing instructions.

Vist to RHFH tuberculosis home.

Walk to and visit Cazale’s local market.

More ICU time.

Visit and tour the RHFH Cholera center.

All the while thinking about and sharing our love for the amazing people of Haiti.

It both breaks my heart and fills it up each and every time.

I am so thankful for everyone’s support that makes these trips possible.

This is a blessing I never could have imagined coming into my life.

When you just get out of the way, do your part and keep your heart open,….God will bring it all together.

Homeward bound 6:00 (central time) in the morning

In His Grace always,


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