Let’s play!!!

The ICU at Real Hope For Haiti is a special place. The kids that are admitted are desperately ill or severely malnoirished. Honestly its a no-frills safe place for healing. It’s heart breaking to see little ones struggling.

It’s blessing and miracle to see them healing…….and when their body and spirit are both strong enough………..they play.

Yesterday morning in the ICU…….






(I have an awesome video but WordPress won’t let me upload it unless I upgrade…..so, maybe I can get it on Facebook)

Some say, its is hard to see where God is with so much hurt and heartache. I know exactly where He is……..just watch children play and laugh……..and then you will see Him too.

So many.

There are so many stories in life..We all have a story, every one of us. Our story makes us into the person we are.

Have you listened to the stories of others? Have you told your story?

When I am here in Haiti………..there are many stories. Some are awful. Some are miraculous. Some are both.

……and some are just hard. Too hard. They are too hard re-tell once I’ve heard them. I try anyway. They are too hard to forget.

Haiti is filled with hope and life……….Haiti is also filled with struggle and darkness.

There are so many stories.    

Today I rocked a little boy. He is here because of severe malnutrition.  Swollen. Lethargic. Hurting. Scarred. ‘Do you want to eat?’, we asked. ‘No’. ‘Do you want someone to hold you?’ ‘Wi’ (yes). So Wilson and I sat in the rocking chair. And I held him, and loved him and thought about his story. Its a hard one.   But a new chapter has started here. 
Berto went home today! We met him on our last trip here in September. He had just been admitted w/ severe skull fracture.  He is around 10-12 yrs old. Full of mischief but he has an easy smile and is all boy.  It’a a great story of healing.          

A baby died tonight. He was in the ICU today. A sweet baby boy I didn’t get the chance to hold or know.  He has a story and this is the only part if it that I know. Its a hard story and much too short.

Tonight we watched as friends organized and orchestrated a grand birthday party for a 17 yr. old. Handmade  decorations. Party lights. Food. DJ. Its a good story about celebration and friends. I’m sure it will be easy to tell.      

So many stories.

written 2/5/2014

Here I Am Again

Hello friends. I Am not sure how many posts I will be able to make in this trip to Real Hope For Haiti in Cazale. I’m not a writer by nature……so anything close to profound or deep definitely comes from God. So far, I just have the overwhelming feeling to just be present. Live this moment.

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Thanks for your continued support and prayers!






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Hi friends. I haven’t forgotten that I promised more pictures from my last trip……life has gotten in the way. That happens a lot upon returning home.

Please read the following post from Real Hope For Haiti. It’s been a tough day for them and tomorrow will be hard as well. Because of lack of funds they are having to decrease the number of kids in their care, sending some home prematurely.

Please pray for them, those they serve and employ. If you are on Facebook, please like their page and share their story with others. If you can donate to the ministry I promise it saves lives. If you would like to help, go to: http://realhopeforhaiti.org



Last Day. Long Day.

Today was our last day in Cazale and we made the most of it.

ICU breakfast and baths for babies.

Meds counting, re-packaging, dosing instructions.

Vist to RHFH tuberculosis home.

Walk to and visit Cazale’s local market.

More ICU time.

Visit and tour the RHFH Cholera center.

All the while thinking about and sharing our love for the amazing people of Haiti.

It both breaks my heart and fills it up each and every time.

I am so thankful for everyone’s support that makes these trips possible.

This is a blessing I never could have imagined coming into my life.

When you just get out of the way, do your part and keep your heart open,….God will bring it all together.

Homeward bound 6:00 (central time) in the morning

In His Grace always,


Look, Ma!

This one took some doing. All these pictures meant a slow transfer — via Facebook since email has long since given up the ghost — and a busy Sunday meant that the guest poster was running ragged. But today is the day. Here’s Holly’s latest post. ¬†— Joey

I came all the way to Haiti to:

Love on sweet babies

Love on amazingly resilient kids

Love God. Love what God loves.

Paint a gate (if you are keeping count, this is #2)

Learn more about Haitian culture


Love God. Love what God loves.

Visit sweet Christina and her foster mom, Rosilita

Marvel at the miracle of healing and grace even in the hard places

Love God. Love what God loves.

Meet amazing people Mallory Martin (teacher for the Bector kids and Brianna Garrett)


Spend an amazing week w/ sisters (& friends) in Christ with a heart for our Haitian brothers and sisters

Love God. Love what God loves.


Holly’s latest message just came in from Haiti. The article arrives first with numbers for picture place-holders. Then, I get the pictures — most of the time. ūüôā If a caption doesn’t make sense, a photo looks out of place, or one seems to be missing, we have the less-than-stellar internet access in Haiti to thank. But God is good, and Holly is doing God’s work. Here’s her latest report.¬† — Joey


¬§ It’s daylight at 5:45 am in Cazale – I know this to be true because I was wide awake at that time (shocking but true……a morning person, I am not).

¤ Mountains are even more beautiful as the sun rises behind them.

fantastic Friaday 1 fantastic Friaday 2

¬§ Listening to someone talk about their life’s passion, love and respect for the people they serve and God’s love, provision and miracles experienced every day is just amazing. BLESSED!

¤Haitian toddlers throw hissy fits too!

¬§When 5 white ladies start painting the gate into the clinic in Cazale………a crowd forms. We almost had to call in crowd control. Seriously.

fantastic Friaday 3 fantastic Friaday 4

Just like at home……I’m never in the pictures because I’m the one taking them!

fantastic friday 5

(especially when at least one white women is slightly off center & its not even me this time!) Notice the quality of the awesome selfie.

¤And evidently, it takes 5 white ladies to paint a gate.

¬§Unlike my job, having a sensitive sense of smell is NOT a bonus here. I don’t believe you want or need details. Clue: 20 babies. One room. No windows. One box fan.

¤Mac Young can and will do the Charleston at the drop of a hat.

fantastic friday 7 fantastic friday 8

A Tour of the Clinic

Holly sent her second post a few minutes ago. The connections are horrible in Haiti. The text and the photos came separately, and I’m not sure all of them made the trip to the States. We’ll edit and correct any out of order or missing photos when the connections are working better. ¬† ¬†– ¬†Joey

It’s been a busy day here. I guess I should say, it’s been a busy day for us. The exceptional staff here is always busy…..there are always patients to care for, babies to be changed, bathed, fed……..paperwork and records to be updated……lessons to be taught.

This is the third trip for Tena and I have been to RHFH. Since Susan, Denice and Mak are newbies, they got the grand tour of the clinic today.


The ICU is where the children needing the most care stay. Presently there are 20 children here receiving care around the clock. The ages range from 6 wks to about 10 yrs old. Even though this is not an overnight facility, they also have ages beds for adults needing extra care or ICU.


Next is the area patients first come when they enter the clinic gate. In groups if 50, patients come here, receive their first assessment. During the time they spend waiting their turn, there is some type of educational presentation usually health related, and they also are given a small devotional to take with them.


All records are hand written. Each patient has a chart that is kept indefinitely. Since the clinic began here in Cazale 1998, they have seen 127,000 patients. They see patients 3 days a week and average 250 patients daily.


Nurse/examination room.


A lot of focus and energy is given to prenatal care and education.


Medicine storage room


Pharmacy area.

All medications are divided into dosages ahead of time and stored in bins. This makes it quick and easy for the nurses to give out the amount needed w/ out having to stop and package the dosage for each patient.


After lunch we became pharmacy assistants!!!! Counting and packing meds.

Now it’s your turn. Since I have travelled to Haiti several times now, i loose track of what i have blogged. I am afraid I may not actually be telling you things you would like to know.

So, if you have a question, let me know. Post it as a comment to the blog and I’ll do my best to answer (IF technology is still being my friend).

The need is great.

Heart wrenching.

Seemingly unsurmountable.

The world is broken.

God is bigger.

Blessing abound.

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