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A Tour of the Clinic

Holly sent her second post a few minutes ago. The connections are horrible in Haiti. The text and the photos came separately, and I’m not sure all of them made the trip to the States. We’ll edit and correct any out of order or missing photos when the connections are working better.    –  Joey

It’s been a busy day here. I guess I should say, it’s been a busy day for us. The exceptional staff here is always busy…..there are always patients to care for, babies to be changed, bathed, fed……..paperwork and records to be updated……lessons to be taught.

This is the third trip for Tena and I have been to RHFH. Since Susan, Denice and Mak are newbies, they got the grand tour of the clinic today.


The ICU is where the children needing the most care stay. Presently there are 20 children here receiving care around the clock. The ages range from 6 wks to about 10 yrs old. Even though this is not an overnight facility, they also have ages beds for adults needing extra care or ICU.


Next is the area patients first come when they enter the clinic gate. In groups if 50, patients come here, receive their first assessment. During the time they spend waiting their turn, there is some type of educational presentation usually health related, and they also are given a small devotional to take with them.


All records are hand written. Each patient has a chart that is kept indefinitely. Since the clinic began here in Cazale 1998, they have seen 127,000 patients. They see patients 3 days a week and average 250 patients daily.


Nurse/examination room.


A lot of focus and energy is given to prenatal care and education.


Medicine storage room


Pharmacy area.

All medications are divided into dosages ahead of time and stored in bins. This makes it quick and easy for the nurses to give out the amount needed w/ out having to stop and package the dosage for each patient.


After lunch we became pharmacy assistants!!!! Counting and packing meds.

Now it’s your turn. Since I have travelled to Haiti several times now, i loose track of what i have blogged. I am afraid I may not actually be telling you things you would like to know.

So, if you have a question, let me know. Post it as a comment to the blog and I’ll do my best to answer (IF technology is still being my friend).

The need is great.

Heart wrenching.

Seemingly unsurmountable.

The world is broken.

God is bigger.

Blessing abound.

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